Friday, October 30, 2009

Black Crow's and Lawn Damage

Local residents of  The Ygnacio Wood Housing tract are being invaded by Black Crows. Over on San Simeon the problem is getting out of hand...These big birds can rip up an area of beautiful turf in no time...They are apparently looking for Grubs...The way to solve this problem is obviously to kill the grubs .This is something new here in the Concord/W.C./Clayton areas...I have seen Raccoon damage ,Skunk ,Mole ,Vole,Even Turkeys but this Black Crow problem is a noticeably a new threat to the lawns in this particular neighborhood ...Above are the photos I took today on San Simeon...Why this over population of Crows recently ? Is it Climate change ? Because I am sure that Black Crows have always liked eating grubs...So why are we seeing the Crows damaging lawns only recently ? Hmmm..? Does anyone else  have a Crow Problem this fall...?

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