Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lime Ridge Resident Killed on Ygnacio

This long time resident of The Lime Ridge Open Space was killed last night by an apparent hit and run... The body was found by "Smokey" this morning. ,,,on the southbound bike lane at the top of Ygnacio Valley rd. .. What a shame to see such a majestic animal like this "Buck" die on a Claycordian roadway...Especialy a Lime Ridge Buck because I haven't seen a whole lot of them in the past few years...If you click on the picture of the Buck you can see where his antlers were broken and snapped off... He obviously took a good hit last night... I bet the car or truck that hit him knows it ...We see lots of Deer around these parts but less and less Bucks like this guy here ,,,he will be missed...Animal control has been alerted......

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