Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lime Ridge Walnut Creek

Across the street from the Boundary Oak Golf Course in Walnut Creek is the parking lot for the Lime Ridge Open Space ...This Lime Ridge Open Space is all part of the same Ridge ... I am sure there are a lot of people around here that were not aware of this part of the trail... the trails on this side of the ridge are realy cool on a Mountain Bike or just for a nice walk with the Dog...Lime Ridge is a Very important part of the ecosystem for Concord ,Walnut Creek and Clayton...It is home to many creatures as well as man...The Coyote for instance makes his home all through out the ridge and is seen often by us locals...Often while walking the trail I have seen a Coyote or two... There used to be a pair of  young Hawk siblings that hunted the ridge above the housing tract at Lime Ridge..The pair were said by locals to be brother and sister and that they had seen the mother raise them on the ridge .These are just a couple of examples of the Wildlife here on Lime Ridge...

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