Friday, October 16, 2009

Live Oak Cemetary

The  Live Oak Cemetery is a very very old graveyard...One Hundred and Forty five years old !  It was Donated by Don Salvio Pacheco in 1865 to be used for the families of this Valley...Most of you probably dont know its location as it is now strangely hidden inside a tract of homes much like a famous old movie  ... The old graveyard is up on the hill behind Clayton Valley High School we used to go up there as kids but it is now under lock and key and considered a local Treasure..My sister has a friend named Tina who was actualy  burried in this Cemetery back in the seventies, but they stopped using this Graveyard shortly after that....If you click on the picture of the monument you will see the many names of the Founding families of our Great  City so many years ago...

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