Monday, October 26, 2009

Local Speaks Out On Crime !

Heres a quote from a local guy that I recieved this weekend...His words.... "It's like that cop on Claycord said. They are coming here from Oakland, Richmond, Vallejo etc. and their friends are coming here and killing them and robbing every one and everything that is not tied down. They and their friends are robbing their neighbors the banks and businesses. Shooting and killing each other!
I sat in Burger King parking lot and watched the dopers going back and fourth. What a mess!!! UC is much like Concord. Only they seem to have everything more under control... The drugs the Everything!!! It is a bigger city and has been down this path Concord is going down. I love our CPD and I think they do a superb JOB I just think we could learn some things from the bigger similar cities.They already have the bullet proof glass in the banks. Nothing sitting out to be robbed. The homeless are dressed better than me sometimes. And they don't bother you at all! I spent many many 3 Hr breaks over the past 24 years sitting at the Burger King at Alvardo Niles Rd. and Decoto Rd. Union City and there bouts. And I am really impressed. They have a big patty wagon and the whole bit... Take care"......A Local...

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