Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Markham Homesite

 Here is a picture of the very spot where the Markham Home once stood...Ira and Bee Markham lived in a little house nestled inside of  Nature Park ...The home was redwood in color and I believe it had a forest green trim...Much like a house or a cabin you would see in the mountains...The first photo is the home site and the second photo is of the site of the old log foot bridge that is now only the foundation and log posts that stand as a reminder to us who grew up here of the cool bridge that used to be there ...I still would like to see a Memorial where their home was...A monument with maybe a picture of either them or their house on the site where they lived...16 acres of land in this part of town today is no small change...They openly gave all that land to all of us for our kids and our kids kids and so on....What a selfless act of kindness Mr. and Mrs. Markham  showed us all leaving this legacy of theirs for us all to enjoy..Would you have given us 16 acres..I say they need a memorial at their home site....

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