Monday, October 19, 2009

A River Runs Through It

In Canterbury Village there is a small passage of water between Coblestone drive and Cape Cod way known to many as Cape Cod Creek... This was the Concord creek of my youth ...We had a rope tied way up in the Oak tree and the swing ride out over the creek was awesome...My dog and I spent alot of time there... Many kids would be there after school or on a saturday...This same stretch of creek runs under the street at Cape Cod way and flows into Nature park which is also accessible by the trail there at Cape Cod...These two stretches of the creek were completely different places...Growing up there in Canterbury Village your Mom knew the difference between Nature park and The Creek... This little stretch of Canterbury Village where A River Runs Through It   was   The Creek...  Did you grow up here in Concord?    If so which stretch of our many creeks was Your Creek ?

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