Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Smokestack Memorial

I think it was really cool that they made a memorial at the site where the Smokestack was...However today was my first time visiting the site since before the demolition of the Smokestack or the dedication of the memorial... When it all started I could see the crane from Canterbury Village...It bit away from the top of the tower until finally it was gone .I never really gave it a whole lot of thought at the time ...Oh sure there was a little sadness from a far to see it go, but not like I felt today looking out from my car window at what was definitely always there before...Finding only its foundation serving as a reminder of the years past...This memorial of the Cowell Smokestack will at least preserve local history some... But  I gotta say its just not the same  walking through there now....You see as Little Smokey I watched the crossings get built around it...Many of you played in those old fields and meadows as well back then ,building forts and catching lizards or frogs ,,,having all kinds of adventures out in the walnut groves there...In the early 70s the hills between Treat and Ygnacio were one big construction site .What with Turtle creek and The Crossings going in... But that old smoke stack was always there...

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