Sunday, October 11, 2009

Updated-High Speed Pursuit in Concord Tonight

The chase went on for over an hour. It began in Walnut Creek when Walnut Creek PD interrupted a burglary. There were 3 suspects and they were all taken into custody after trying to run after they bailed out of their car.

There were many many Police cars involved in tonight's chase. Aparently they were chasing a  saturn all over town with reports from Claycordian witnesses of speeds up to 100 mph on Railroad ave. I saw many Cop cars traveling fast up and down Clayton with their light's on. It appeared that both a Helicopter and a plane aided in the High Speed  Chase... At this point 3 are in custody ...I'm hearing they got em at the Port Chicago exit....                                                                 Glad they got them with out some innocent bystander getting is a link for the audio on the scanner and more on the story from Claycord
(Not actual footage pictured above)

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