Wednesday, November 25, 2009

20 New Raptor Perches Installed on Local Ridge Open Spaces

The local  residents on the surrounding borders of the Lime/Shell Ridge Open Space have been overwhelmed whith ground squirrels and other rodents...They reportedly have been shredding foliage and fruit trees in yards and digging burros on the trails that are a hazard for hikers  and cause erosion...Contra Costa County is hoping hawks and also Peregrine Falcons and other bird of prey such as the Kite and American Kestrel enjoy hunting from 20 new raptor perches installed in Concord and Walnut Creek open space areas...These 20 new Raptor Perche's should also provide some great photo opportunities for "SmokeysMountain" in the future.."If local red-tailed hawks, peregrine falcons and other birds of prey use the perches, open space neighbors could get some relief from a serious squirrel problem. Raptors love to feast on burrowing ground squirrels that have overrun Lime Ridge Open Space in Concord and Walnut Creek and Shell Ridge Open Space in Walnut Creek"...This may be helpful in some of the open space areas for smaller birds of prey such as the American Kestrel or the Kite but the Lime Ridge Pair of Red Tailed  seem to enjoy a much higher perch to hunt from as seen above...The perches came from The Wild Wing Company in Cotatti at a cost of roughly $4,000.00...2 of these photos are from the CCTimes  Fighting Squirrels with Raptors story... 

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