Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Concord Salmon Run

I would be surprised to see how many of my readers would even remember this but Salmon used to and still do and are right now running in the creek  right under Willow Pass rd. and always have...Back in the 70s my Dad used to go down there with my brother and catch monster Salmon and Steelhead right there in the creek ...Sometimes I would go down there myself with a few friends as a teenager and we would have a blast chasing them up stream...Once while wading under the Willow Pass bridge in some shallow water I accidentally stepped on a very large Salmon that was resting in the gravel and he knocked my feet right out from under me and parted the water like a submarine all the way up the stream... Yes believe it or not right now is the  old Concord Salmon run...Illegal to catch em now of course but back when the  Salmon fishing run in Walnut Creek was the local sportsmans  secret you would see the Fishermen down there lining the creek banks  this time of year...Those were the Days!...For more information on the various Fishes that are native to Walnut and other local bay area creeks here is a LINK to an 11 page report from the National Marine Fisheries service...

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