Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Meadow @ Raptor Ridge

While walking  at the Lime Ridge Open Space at the end of Kaski ln. today inside of 30 minutes I saw A Golden Eagle soaring over head and a Kite hunting in the grass and a Peregrine Falcon darted strait across my path and as I walked some more I saw a large Red Tailed Hawk take flight up from the ground  and no sooner did an American Kestrel begin to harass him darting and diving at him until he finally left the Kestrels area...The American Kestrel is also a Raptor and is of the smallest of the Falcon family... Its no wonder that five out of the twenty Raptor Perches placed by the county are right here in the Lime Ridge Open Space Meadow at the end of Kaski ln. The Lime /Shell Ridge Open Spaces  combined covers alot of territory and yet Most of the Raptor Perches seem to be installed here in Concord...Not surprising to those of us who  have ever been out there for a walk ...I actually spoke to a local hiker out on the trail there today who said he himself  had recently witnessed a Hawk perched atop of  one of the Raptor Perches  in the middle of the meadow as it dove down from the hunting perch and took a Ground Squirrel... So there you have it , The Raptor Perches are being used by Raptors ,so far so good...All in all your best chance walking place to see the different varieties of Birds of Prey that live and hunt on the ridge ...

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