Monday, November 30, 2009

Owl Gets Fried in Pittsburg

Last night in Pittsburg a power wire was downed in a neighborhood and residents were told to stay inside... Apparently an Owl was nesting or attempting to build a nest up on a power pole in the shredded metal up there and got himself electrocuted...A very large and very cooked dead Owl was found at the scene still clutching to some long shredds of metal he was going to use for his nest...A very graphic scene ...One hundred homes on Wedgewood ave. in Pittsburg are being told to shelter in place still at this hour...One mile of power line lies on the ground either behind or in front of these one hundred homes...A major inconvenience for residents there and a major loss for our local eco system ... Owls play a big role in keeping the rodent population down around there...(photo by kip ladage-- not this actual owl)KTVU has the whole story on video just ckick HERE to see it....

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