Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Round Valley Regional Preserve

Round Valley is way past Clayton out on Marsh Creek rd...Between Deervalley rd. and  Camino Diablo ...In the Winter when the creek is flowing  the view from the bridge is spectacular and the wildlife here is amazing...  Once home to California Indians, the land was farmed and ranched since the late 1800's, and a few pieces of historic farm equipment can still be seen across this region of the Diablo foothills preserve. Round Valley was sold to the East Bay Regional Park District in 1988... It gets extremely hot here in the summer, so you may want to visit on a fall morning when its much cooler... This is when the local Raptors are most active and you will most likely  get to see them hunting ....As is the case on many of the trails here in the Diablo/EastBay  Foothills you will see a sign warning you about the presence of the California Mountain Lion and instructions on what to do should you encounter one...Though Mountain Lion sightings are rare ,where ever there are deer there are Cougars ...You may however see a Coyote or a Deer or two which are much more commonly seen here...That is one of the things I love about the Diablo Valley/EastBay Hills all the wonderful wildlife that still lives right here among us...These trails are very quiet and serene and are a great place for a nice quiet walk with nature... Not that  long of a drive out Marsh Creek rd. for such a unique environment like the hills of Round Valley Regional Preserve...

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