Monday, November 23, 2009

Trip to Italy?

Wanting to go to Italy for some good Italian food but cant quite fit that into the budget? Yes same here. Alas there is some small hope for getting that good Italian food with out a plane ticket. Tucked nicely into Danville's downtown area is a little place called Piatti. Piatti is a four star Italian restaurant without the four star price. I took a pretty lady there on friday night for dinner for two and was pleasanty suprized. The crowd is an older crowd as is much of danville but very livly and full for a friday night. As you walk through the front door there is a bar located to the right side with sports playing on the plasma, Not your typical low light lets get drunk type of sports bar in a restraunt but a very upperclass nice bar. In front of you and all the way back and to the left is the tables all garnished with plants and a very purposefull and well thought out lighting arrangement. With your own light pointed directly down on the center of your table even though crowed you feel secluded in your own area. We were lucky enough to get our own two person table just out of arms reach from the fireplace. Three drinks, two appitizers, two main courses and two desserts and the tab was just under 80 dollars. I enjoyed a delicious minstrone duck soup, angel hair pasta with garlic, basil and tomato sauce and a delightful tiramisu. All in all it was a fantastic evening and easy on the pocketbook.


..Heres the link to PIATTI . COM

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