Monday, November 30, 2009

A Very Cool Trout Pond !

This is one of my favorite places to stay when we are in Sierra City Ca. it is called the Herringtons Sierra Pines resort... Right on hwy.49 up in the Tahoe National Forest at the base of the Sierra Buttes , about a 3 hour drive from here...As kids we all called it the Herringtons Trout Pond... Guaranteed that your kids will catch a whopper!!! But a lot of fun for anyone at any age especially if you have never experienced catching a fish...They even supply the fishing rod at no extra charge for you to use if need be... The least you will pay is $7.00 and the most is $20.00 per fish depending on the size...When my son was small I would take him fishing in the river and the lakes and if he didnt get one in the wild I would always guarantee him one from the pond as a last resort... This is a great place for first timer kids who have never experienced the feel of a whopper on the line...However the resort is closed until April...for more info click here  HERRINGTONS SIERRA PINES...

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