Monday, November 30, 2009

What Is A Raptor Perch ?

What is a Raptor perch? Well obviously it is a place for a Raptor which is a bird of prey to sit upon...In the Lime Ridge Open Space there have recently been many of these Raptor perches installed in the meadow... A Raptor perch has to be placed a certain  way to be of use to a bird of prey...The ends of the perch must face East to West ,,,The way that the sun rises and sets... This allows the birds excellent  hunting vision not to be hindered by the sun shinning in their eyes as it rises and sets... Also they are placed between 50 and 100 yards apart so that the raptor can hunt and dive down from one perch grabbing its prey and bringing it up to the next perch ...The perches that were installed in Concord were manufactured in Cotati by the Wild Wing Company ...For more on Raptor Perches and other great Wild Bird rodent solutions click HERE...

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