Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Christmas Orange

I dont know about you but in my family its tradition to put a nice juicy Christmas Orange in the stocking ... As I was working over in the states streets today I came across the most beautiful  Christmas Orange Tree in the whole  neighborhood ! I call it a Christmas Orange Tree because the Mrs. of the house there told me that she would be happy to allow The Lemon Lady to come and harvest her beautiful Oranges for the food pantry after Christmas when she had finished giving them to her family as gifts as she always has... But what a beautiful Tree full of Christmas Oranges to be cut for the food pantry!!! If you see any other trees like this one just knock on the door and try...  Not everyone is into it but the ones who are make a big difference and there are mega citrus trees around here that just fall to the ground... Merry Christmas!

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