Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Grizzly Bear Hunting in Morgan Territory

Ca. 1850 Morgan Territory. Jeremiah Morgan moved form the Ygnacio Valley to unsurveyed public land on the east side of Mt Diablo, ca. 1850, because the grizzly bear hunting was so good...Also that year Francis Such and W. E. Whiting discovered lime on the northwest foothills of Mt Diablo on what became known as "Lime Ridge"... As I have said in previous postings the local wildlife around the Diablo foothills here included a few more large predators than are here now ! For instance evidently the Grizzly Bear hunting was good over in the Morgan Territory (as it came to be known)... Click HERE for the Mt.Diablo History page that I found this on...There is a lot of historical information on Mt Diablo at that link...Enjoy...

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