Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I'm a Fitbitch for life!

I started training with Rachael on a one to one basis back in January when this 'before' picture was taken. I wanted to get in shape for my summer holiday, nothing more.
Rachael was superfit, fun & assured me that she would take me from a complete exercise novice to someone who would actually look forward to exercising.'Ha, not likely,' I secretly thought. I'd never been sporty & couldn’t imagine exercise ever being anything but a necessary evil to help me lose weight.
After 7 weeks of twice weekly exercise with Rachael, I lost 10lbs & had a great holiday – but realised I wanted to keep going. And I wanted more of a challenge, so I signed up for Rachael's intensive Fitbitch Boot Camp in October 2009.
I loved it right from the start. I couldn’t believe it was me at first – getting up at 6.30 to cycle to Hove Lawns in sun, rain, wind.
Leaving my home in the dark as winter closed in meant freezing cold mornings but we soon warmed up & there were spectacular sunrises, and magnificent sea views – as well as the feeling that I was getting stronger and fitter week by week.
Plus, I met an amazing group of women who all supported & cheered each other on as we puffed & groaned our way through various activities, from circuit training with kettlebells to sprinting & boxing.
Every day was different and I never once felt bored. I ran my first 5k run at Hove Park at the end of October – and kept going throughout November and December even in the deepest snow. I can now do push-ups, love rocking those kettlebells - and I am definitely the skipping queen!
Exercise is now an essential part of my life. It now seems normal to me to run, skip and sprint daily. I’m looking forward to doing my first 10k with my fellow Fitbitches, and then who knows,nothing seems beyond me now.
When I started, I was an 11 stone 10 lbs, a size 16 fifty-something who weighed 11 stone 10lbs and who stopped wearing jeans years ago. Over three Boot Camps my weight dropped steadily by 1 - 2lbs a week (Rachael inspires you to eat healthily – it‘s not a ‘diet’, it’s about not sabotaging your body) and centimetres of fat vanished – a total of 14cm off my lardy ass & 10cm from each thigh. I’m now 9st 12 lbs, size 10 & have just bought my first pair of 29 in waist skinny jeans!
I feel years younger but I also know there have been other significant changes too – which both my sons & close friends have commented on. I can honestly say this has changed my life - I’m more confident, calmer & much happier than the unfit, overweight person that I was and my sons are amazingly proud of me. I’m now a Fitbitch for life!
Eileen Melville, leadership business consulant

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