Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Metalicas Hetfield Donates Land

This story is not necessarily a local one as it  is about another county getting a lot of  land donated to their open spaces however I still consider Metalica to be one of our local bands... I used to see James in the Pine creek condos off Detroit back in the 80s at his then girlfriends house... And Jason used to live in Walnut Creek at a large house with a Metalica Dont Tread On Me flag on the pole out front  ...Anyway Today Marin county officials are gratefully excepting a 330 acre donation to their open spaces from Metalica band leader James Hetfield...This 330 acres is adjacent to another 438 acres of donated open space land in the hills of  Marin...Very Cool ! Two of Smokeys favorite things are beautiful open spaces and a good guitarist and  in this posting we have both ...Good on ya James!!! Rock On!

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