Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mountain Lion Kills Big Dog

This is not a local story but I found it to be an interesting I witness account... “Bubba” was killed by a mountain lion outside Tara Haymond's back door in Gypsum around 2 a.m. Sunday. The dog was about 150 pounds and “abnormally large for a Great Pyrenees,” Haymond said. Haymond also has a large, orange-and-white barn cat that went missing a few days ago.
...GYPSUM, Colorado — Tara Haymond woke up at 2 a.m. Sunday to the sound of Bubba, her 150-pound Great Pyrenees dog, crying.
“I thought I better tell him to be quiet so he wouldn't bother the neighbor,” she said.
She opened the sliding door next to the bed and discovered a mountain lion on top of Bubba.
“There is nothing in anybody that would prepare them to find that,” she said.
The 47-year-old grabbed a shotgun but couldn't find ammunition, so she started hitting the cougar with the gun.
“The cat didn't even flinch,” she said. “Then I realized the cat might hurt me so I stopped. I guess I might be lucky in that way.”
Her husband was home and she also called a neighbor and Eagle County Sheriff's deputies to the scene, which is near the Sky Legend neighborhood at Gypsum's Cotton Ranch development.
The cougar was still on the dog when they arrived and didn't move until the sheriff fired on it several times, Haymond said.
Bubba was still suffering, however, so the sheriff put him down as well at the owners' request.
The deputy was unavailable for comment.
According to John Grove with the Colorado Division of Wildlife, the mountain lion was young — about nine months to a year old — and it was very skinny. Probably it was sick or starving or both, which could result in such atypical behavior as attacking an animal in a populated area. Since this was an anomaly, residents shouldn't be overly worried about any more “aggressive” animals in the area, Grove said.

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