Friday, December 4, 2009

Peacock's at the park ?

Just across the Benecia bridge off of Columbus Parkway is a beautiful park right across from the golf course called Blue Rock Springs Park... This park has some very rare and unique residents that have been in the park there for many years... I am talking about the beautiful bird called the Peacock ... These big birds with their beautiful tail feather fans have been in this park all my life and can be seen daily walking around in the park... Truly a great place to take a nice walk and see some of the wild life that lives there as well ...Blue Rock Springs is not far out of town and is about 30 minutes from Concord ...Click on the location link to this post for the map and also click on both Blue Rock Springs links for more info and more pics of the park,,,The first BlueRock link takes you to with info on the hiking trail there which is a nice 3 mile hike with lots of cool views .... If youve never seen Peacocks walking around freely on the trail and unfenced then you should go take a stroll through Blue Rock Springs...

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