Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Real Santa Watches as City Elves Decorate the Tree

While I was at the bank today I noticed that the City workers were out in the park with big boom trucks decorating this years Christmas tree,So I went across the street to get a few shots of the new tree...This tree is one that was already there as opposed to Concord spending Thousands on one as they have done in years past so naturally I was looking at this as a possible story ...That's when I noticed the real story sitting just to my right...It was The Real Santa Claus right there in Todos Santos Park !!! I couldn't believe my eyes... He was some what undercover but he didn't fool me ...I walked right up to him and asked if he was working around here as a Santa somewhere?,,, His wife quickly told me that he was the Real Santa as did his other companions who also told me how they thought that the new Concord Christmas tree looks a bit like a taller version of Charlie Browns tree ??? I told them that I had to agree and  that if their story was true then Smokey was gonna be needing his picture,,, So there you have it folks The Real Santa Claus caught on video supervising the decorating of the new Concord Christmas Tree...Only on SmokeysMountain !!!   Be sure and push play on the video above...

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