Saturday, December 5, 2009

River Otters in a Lake?

These Otters pictured here are an interesting sort...It seems that this particular group of River Otters live in a Lake? The Otters of Lower Sardine Lake in Plumas County Ca. just above Sierra City have been photographed numerous times playing and hunting all over Lower Sardine lake ...This is something relatively new to this lake,,,locals there say that since there is a river inlet and also a stream that flows out into the Sand Pond which flows into Salmon Creek which flows into the Yuba ,,, this would allow the Otters access to Trout in the winter ...Even though this isn't a local story,,, I just think River Otters are cool and  I found these guys being discussed by the locals up there on the site so I thought I would share the story and these cool em for a larger view...

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