Monday, December 7, 2009

A Snow Covered Mitchell Canyon At Dawn This Morning

These pictures were taken up at Mitchell Canyon this morning off of Mt Dell circle. in Clayton ... Sent to SmokeysMountain by an anonymous reader who was tempted to call in to her work for a very rare snowday at Christmas time in the Clayton  Mitchell Canyon !...   This morning my travels will take me from all the way out to Santa Rosa up to the top of Mt Diablo and back ... I expect to get som great pictures of the snow covered Sonoma hills as well as a very dusted Diablo ,,,All comming up on SmokeysMountain later today... Arent these some great shots of a very dusted Mitchell Canyon though,,, I bet the Falls @ Donner Canyon are a beautiful sight and flowing  in full today ... Thanks again to our reader in Clayton for these cool   rare pictures... as usual click em for a larger view...Enjoy!

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