Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Almost on the Trail @ OlomPali State Historic Park

The other day I decided to go out to OlomPali State Park...For those of you that have never heard of this place the gate is located off hiway 101 south between Petaluma and Navato ... After a long ride out there I was greeted by a locked gate and a note from  Arnold the Governater that read...Sorry dude we are so broke that we cant afford to keep our parks open during the week only on the weekends ... So needless to say I was pretty disappointed especially when I noticed a group of Eagles just inside the park that I could have gotten some great pictures of... Oh well next time I guess... Anyhow here are the pictures I got from the gate and the Wikipedia on the park... It has many historical places and structures with in it and I am anxious to get in there and see it all next time I get out there on a weekend... Mann is our state broke or what...I sure hope they dont end up closing our state parks for good... People will still go in and then there will be trouble on many different levels from accidents to crime...This is not the answer to our 20 something billion dollar defict... In a recession economy like this most of us like to go out there and let it all get away from us and not be locked out as a result of it adding to the weight of the world...This park looks pretty interesting to me and if you read the info on Wikipedia its got a lot of historical stuff inside to see... I definitely will be back...

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