Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bay Area Golden Eagles

Weather you have been out on the trail or just in your car driving you've probably seen these big magnificent Raptors in the sky and maybe wondered if you were seeing an Eagle or just a Turkey Vulture or maybe a Hawk?... Well chances are good that what you are seeing actually could  well be Gold Eagles... You see the largest concentration of mated pairs of Golden Eagles in the entire Continent of North America believe it or not is right here in the Bay Area... The East Bay Hills of Oakland and the surrounding foothills of our Bay Area mountains to be more specific...Yesterday I saw large Golden Eagles all the way from OlomPali State Park in Petaluma  to Mt. Diablo as I drove home from Santa Rosa...The 101 through the 37 Hiway is Great for viewing Raptors in their morning hunt... I pulled off the freeway numerous times to film them but never did get the footage I wanted ... However I did manage to capture a few images for you... Enjoy!

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