Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Blacktailed Buck of Cowell Road

These beautiful Blacktail Deer were standing in a mustard field this afternoon in the middle of the stormy rainy day...It has always fascinated me the various types of beautiful wildlife animals that still exist right here among us in our city limits...I watched as the Buck shook like a dog and the water went spraying off of him all around as the rain continued to heavily fall... This small group of  Blacktailed Deer looked like a family of three...

The larger Buck had a nice little rack on him and he looked like he was probably Mr.Bambi and then the Doe looked almost as large as him so she was probably Mrs.Bambi and of course the third Deer was definitely a teenager Bambi as he had two pointy sticks  on his head that will one day grow into a nice rack like his father... These critters were just across the  Galindo Creek off Cowell and into the Ridgepark dr. portion of what is obviously still a part of the Lime Ridge wildlife corridor ..

. As any animal biologist will agree where there are Blacktailed Deer there is also the  Mountain Lion... Though it is rare , there have been some sightings right there in that same stretch of suburban woodlands off Cowell...It was interesting but not surprising to see that these beautiful animals were right there in a residential neighborhood in the middle of the day ... The conectivity of Mt.Diablo to all of its many open space wildlife corridors such as this one off Cowell rd. is essential to the existence of these animals as well as other large animal wildlife that depend on it to survive ... I shot some video as well that shows the Buck close up and I put it on Youtube he comes into a clear view at around .36 on the video counter ...Click on the small Deer pic above to see it...

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