Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Dozen Facts About Humming Birds

Humming Birds are the smallest birds on the planet...But they do have abilities that are far superior to other birds...Everything about the Humming bird is fascinating , their look, their flight,the way they are built to survive...They live in a world that is mostly invisible to our eyes rarely giving us more than a glimpse...Here are some interesting  Humming Bird Facts    :#1 Humming Birds live only in the Americas...   #2 There are nearly three hundred and fifty species of the Humming Bird...  #3 They are the smallest of all warm blooded creatures...  #4 A Humming Bird can move its wings in a figure eight gaining lift from both sides...#5 A Humming Bird can fly backwards,turn on a dime and even fly upside down ...  #6  The hovering skill of the Humming Bird is unique to other birds...Only insects fly like that...  # 7 Their hovering ability allows them to dine on nectar, since most flowers don't have a perching place for them ..#8 .The swordbill Humming Bird has a 4 inch bill that is actually longer than its body...# 9 The Calliope Humming Bird is the smallest of all the Humming Bird species making it the smallest warm blooded creature in North America ...# 10  The species of Humming Bird that lives in our area is called the Annas Humming Bird.....  # 11 -Another fact about Humming Birds you may not know is that they do not live on Nectar alone but are skillful aerial predators as well... A humming Bird hunts small insects for almost a third of their diet snatching them out of thin air too fast to see...# 12 Humming birds would die of starvation by morning were it not for the fact that their bodies go into a kind of hibernation at night almost completely shutting down ... The birds body temp normally 105 can drop by more than half and its heart beat slows way down... Then at dawn they slowly emerge from torpor...

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