Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Foggy Day In Somersville

Today I went beyond the fences and into the town of Somersville... On a foggy day you can hear the old wind mills and their rusted Iron moaning and creaking in the breeze but the fog hides them just at the edge of visibility adding to the experience of being in a old abandoned Ghost town on a foggy afternoon...As I ventured into town I could literally feel the history of this once booming town of the 1800s... I have been studying the Black Diamond Mines Region on line quite a bit lately so to finally get out on the trail and take some photos was pretty interesting...Here is the Wikipedia info on Old Somersville...

Somersville (also, Sommerville and Summerville)[2] is an unincorporated ghost town in eastern Contra Costa County, California.[3] It is located 6 miles (10 km) north-northeast of Mount Diablo,[4] at an elevation of 741 feet (226 m).[5]

Somersville was founded in the 1850s[3] by gold miners. The town is no longer populated and is within the boundaries of the East Bay Regional Park District's Black Diamond Mines Regional Park.[3] Somersville Road was named after the town; it is a major north-south arterial trunk road in the closest existing neighbor: Antioch. Somersville's ruins contain a fairly extensive amount of graves in its cemetery[3], many of whom are dead miners who died in accidents in the coal mines.[3] The Somersville mines are now sealed to prevent entry due to frequent incidents of people becoming lost inside them during the mid 20th century.[3]A post office operated at Somersville from 1863 to 1910.[4] The name is in honor of Francis Somers, coal mine founder.[4]Nortonville, is a similar nearby ghost town ...I also visited the Rose Hill Cemetery and saw the Italian Cyprus through the fog as well but that is another Post enjoy the photos of Somersville ...

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