Monday, January 11, 2010

It's Cold Outside

I see this fellow every morning and I often think to myself   " It's Cold Outside" as I drive by ...Concord does have many Homeless folks and here is a picture of one of them on a pretty cold morning pushing all his stuff up the street...It would be easy for us to say "Well I guess we all make choices" but sometimes I think that maybe  it is just easier to file it away under choices people make than to actually get involved ... There are 13 or more Drunkards throughout our town as well making it hard to even think of the homeless people in our area with a charitable heart at all...  Again ,as I have stated in the past I do not claim to have a solution to the homelessness that we have here in our town but a little sincere kindness and generosity goes a long way to someone who is truly in need...Remember "It's Cold Outside"...    Smokey    ... 

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