Tuesday, January 5, 2010

On The Trail in Blue Rock Springs

As a kid my family lived in Vallejo for a few years and I often got to go to what i remember as a children's paradise ... I was just a young kid so I cant tell you if the place was better or worse back then but my memories of being  a youngster there are good ones... The park was different than any of the other parks in town not just because of the Peacocks but also the feeling of being in the woods that I got while playing there... Anyway ... The other day I was hiking around in Blue Rock Springs just for old times sake and managed to get some pictures for you of some of the surrounding landscape of this very different and peaceful park...Also see a previous posting   for the Peacock footage I shot that day as well... Here is the "Parks and Recreation Info" on this place......This is a very old park and people have been picnicing  here since before the 1950s...The place has a famous dark past as well though,,, as it was in the parking lot of this park that the Zodiac killed 2 of his victims giving the park its famed dark past...

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