Tuesday, January 5, 2010

On The Trail of The Rose Hill Cemetery

Last Sunday I was at the Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve and I decided to take a hike up the Rose Hill Cemetery trail alone... This trail is fairly simple even in the muddy season with the exception of the last 500 feet or so which starts to steepen a bit but still doable even for the non Hiker types... I myself had never been up there on that trail so I was excitedly advancing along the trail taking lots of pictures...This was a foggy day on that trail making my old historic cemetery trail hike all the more interesting... As I said Ive never been up on this trail before this so I don't know how a nice clear day would have been but this particular day was just right for a hike to this alleged haunted cemetery where the "White Witch of Nortonville"(Sarah Norton) is buried and said to have been seen on numerous occasions by the locals there and many other hikers and bicyclists as well  ...(very cool)... I did see other hikers along the trail and had a few conversations about the legends of this Trail but never did see or hear anything odd... Not like when I was inside the town of Somersville just a few moments earlier that day... Now that is a creepy old town and while I was inside it  I did feel very a uncomfortable presence there and heard the groaning rusted wind mills in the fog which I am sure added to it ...Anyhow , as I arrived at the Rose Hill Cemetery and began to look around I could feel the pain and suffering of the old Canyon folks who once lived there... There were many graves of young kids and toddlers as well as miners that died in mining  accidents at Black Diamond and the other mines there in that canyon back in the mid 1800s... This truly was another time and it became obvious to me as I looked at their graves and read the causes of death that things were pretty hard in that canyon for those who lived and died in it...All in all Black Diamond is a very cool place to hike with many other trails  full of history  as well as legend...

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