Friday, January 22, 2010

Under A Freshly Dusted Eagle Peak ,The Donner Canyon Trail To The Falls

Today I got my work done a bit early so I decided to go out to Clayton and Hike the Donner Canyon Trail for a couple of hours ...This trail can be accessed at the end of Regency drive in Clayton off Marsh Creek rd. and it goes up the mountain through Donner Canyon passing by some waterfalls when the creek flows ...   

..My two hour hike plan is a pretty simple one ... I go out as far on the trail into the woods as an hour will take me and then I head back ...I am pretty tall so I can cover a lot of trail in an hours time and today was no exception...The further I walked on this beautiful trail the more enthused I was about being there ... The Donner canyon trail is an incredibly beautiful hike this time of year especially when the falls are all going and the Diablo creek is flowing full ..

I have not had the pleasure of  walking this trail under a freshly snow dusted Eagle Peak ...This hike had lots of incredible views of the stream in front of the snowy Mountain in the fog with all the different falls from the storm run off...One in particular shown below here is a good example of some of the falls that were visible on the trail today ..

Trail conditions today were very muddy however if you aren't a sure footed hiker then you may want to wait until it dries up a bit ...I actually did take a spill or two in the mud  on the trail this afternoon myself so if you do go out there be careful it can be slippery..

The thing is this is the only time of the year to see the falls in Donner Canyon ... When every thing is soaking wet and it is a beautiful hike when all the waters are flowing , but it does make trail conditions hazardous and extreme..

Even though I fell in the mud I plan to go back on Sunday with my wife and go even further into the Canyon ...  I really enjoyed my self on this trail today ...The hills were bright green and the snowy Eagle peak was towering over head through the fog..

Donner Canyon is one of my new favorite places to hike in the Mt. Diablo State park so I will be photographing more of this trail for you in the future..

.  "Our Mountain and its surrounding valley really is one of the most beautiful places in the world and we get to live here"...Get out there and enjoy it !     

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