Monday, February 22, 2010

Who wants to be a Super Hero(ine)?

Twitter has been abuzz with congratulations for the Fitbitch graduates who successfully ran yesterday's Beacon Half Marathon. It was an inspiring and amazing achievement for everyone. Particularly when you consider every single one of the runners started out unable to even run a 5k, let alone even countenance running over 13miles. Amazing!
It just goes to show how much you can achieve if you have a goal and just take one step at a time. For that reason, why not enter this year's Heroes Run on May 16th 2010. You can choose from 5k or 10k distance, it's in Brighton and the money goes towards charity. Besides, it is a great chance to dress up as a superhero.
It would be brilliant to see a bunch of Fitbitches rocking a superhero look. I'll be there although I have to get my thinking cap on and make a better effort of my abysmal She-Ra costume last year. Any ideas anyone?

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