Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The City of Concord Then and Now

Here are two very different pictures taken of the same place ... Above here is a photograph of the very rural and  beautiful Concord California way down in the meadows at the base of Mt.Diablo...This picture was taken eighty years ago back in 1930 ... Below here is another photograph taken of the same valley from the same vantage point fifteen years ago back in 1995 ... Wow what a difference !   We are still developing in this valley ...  Even now there are huge plans to develop most all of the Naval weapons land and many other areas that surround the mountain ...  It is no wonder that there are deer and other wild animals living among us... When you look at these pictures you can easily see how dramatically their roaming range has disappeared over the last eighty years in the Diablo Valley ...These pictures were found at the Contra Costa Historical Society a very cool site for exploring the rich history of our area ...

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