Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fitbitch Kettlebell Master Class

If you want to burn calories like there's no tomorrow, create a shapely bikini body or add strength and power to your sports performance, step up to the kettlebell.
These ball shaped weights are the favourite fitness tool of celebrity trainers around the world, helping to create the figures of everyone from Penelope Cruz to Jennifer Lopez. These women HAVE to look good so it's a testament to the tool's effectiveness that they are used so widely in Hollywood.
Celebrities aside, kettlebells which were originally invented in Russia, create dynanmic work outs that can also help improve range of movement and flexbility rather than shortened, bulky muscles if you know how to use them.
On Wednesday May 12th at 6pm we will be holding a kettlebell Masterclass for graduates of Fitbitch Boot Camp only. You will learn new techniques and movements that you can do at home and add to your own routines. Cost for the hour long class is £10.
You must bring your own kettlebell to the class. If you are interested in purchasing one please email . I have sold out but can get more at a slightly more expensive price as I will have to pay shipping.

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