Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fitbitches in Paris

There's been a few tentative flurries of interest in the Paris to Versaille Run on Sunday 26th September . And I'd hazard a guess that there are a fair few more who are interested but are understandably terrified about the distance. But with a 16 week training programme which will take you right up to race day, this is easily manageable for every FB graduate I have trained or am currently training. As long as you put in the trianing beforehand though not that this will involve hours of night runs, hydration pack and replacement salts in hand!
If you're a beginner a training regime can be slow, steady and gradual even if you're starting from a position of a 5k that is over 30minutes.
Want an example of what this training programme might involve? You could run just three times a week, with a run of two miles one day, 2.5 the next and a four mile longer run on Sunday. Each week, the mileage on the Sunday would build gradually so you would hardly notice it but by race day, you'd be up to the distance.
I know taking on something like this can seem terrifying. I recently competed in a two day adventure race something I'd never done before and had no idea what to expect. It was intimidating but when you're doing it, you just do it. Afterwards, it seems like nothing. And I promise you that is what this will seem like to you too. Except that you will be filled with an amazing sense of accomplishment. And a nice glass of red wine and possibly a tarte tatin!
We'll aim to leave on Friday or Saturday and come back Monday. You need to enter soon - email me with confirmation and you will get a free training programme and at least one training run per month on a Sunday with me and the other Fitbitch 10mile Club. (no smutty jokes there please!)

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