Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Very Young Fawn Reunited with its Mother

Now is the time to watch for fawns. Deer have learned to adapt to small patches of open space in urban areas and are common in many of our neighborhoods.  Black-tailed deer, a subspecies of the mule deer, are common throughout the northern and central California coastal ranges. While they prefer open chaparral, they will adjust to almost any open space they can find... I received this E-mail from the folks over at Alexander Lindsay this week with the following story as well as this  picture of the actual fawn ...
Last week during our most recent storm, a concerned citizen was awakened by a crying sound. After some investigation, he found a three day old fawn curled up and cold from the rain outside his window.The fawn was brought to the wildlife hospital in the morning where it was warmed and given fluids. Soon the fawn was on its feet and alert. When it appeared that the fawn was doing well, the rescuer took the fawn back to his home and placed it back where it was found.
A few hours later, the rescuer called the wildlife hospital to share that he and his wife had seen the same fawn suckling on its mother and full of life!

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