Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Message From The Lindsay Museum

We need your help.
You may be surprised to learn that Lindsay Wildlife Museum used to be a city program. For many years the City of Walnut Creek operated what was then called the Alexander Lindsay Junior Museum. In 1986, the city turned over control and responsibility for the museum to a non-profit board; but in recognition of our important role in the life and identity of the city, continued to provide funding support. Over the years that funding has been reduced from $150,000 per year to $100,000 for the last several years, and to just $75,000 this year. Each year the museum has sought to replace that funding with donations from outside sources and from the generosity of people like you.

The city council will soon vote on its two year budget for 2010-12. Among the city staff’s recommendations are additional cuts that would bring Lindsay Wildlife Museum’s funding to $50,000 this coming year and just $25,000 the following year.

These drastic cuts, combined with the current downturn in donations caused by the weak economy, could have a severe impact on the museum’s ability to continue all of our important programs and services.

We urge you to write to the city council this week to implore them to cancel the planned cuts. We provide a vital link to wildlife, science and nature for many in our community.  We have been an important and contributing member of our community for 55 years and look forward to many more years of connecting people with wildlife.

Your letter can make a difference.

Thank you.

Loren Behr
Executive Director, Lindsay Wildlife Museum

You can write to the mayor and city council at the following addresses:
Mayor Sue Rainey:
City of Walnut Creek / PO Box 8039 / 1666 North Main Street / Walnut Creek CA  94596

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