Saturday, May 22, 2010

On The Trail in New Zeland @ Lake Manapori

I have a cousin  who is employed in the country of New Zeland as a youth pastor... His work takes him to many interesting and exotic far off places like the last posting  a few entries back with pictures from their  hike up to Green Lake ...
This entry is from an incredible journey to a beautiful lake in New Zeland  called Manapori ... Here are some shots of the beautiful vistas along the way ...
Here is a short account of  my cousins latest adventures in his own words ... I took a group of 20 people on a 3 days kayaking adventure to Lake Manapori in Firodlin. We kayaked a total of 32 miles coming across some of the most beautiful scenery you will ever see. Majestic mountains, Wonderful waterfalls.
We climbed up to the highest point overlooking Lake Manapori, Using a chain due to the fact it is almost exactly vertical for the last quarter mile only about half the group were able to make it all the way up to the point called " The Sanctuary".
It is more then worth it for the Awe inspiring view you get from there. at night we would tie up our kayaks and pitch our tents. sit by the warm fire in the freezing cold telling stories and reminiscing on how Amazing God is.
This trip was a true testament that God is the greatest painter this world has ever seen, he truly did paint better than Michelangelo.Wow what a great trip !  I really enjoy these entries from my cousin Steve ...

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