Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What a Beautiful Coyote

Today I went for a nice drive up Mt. Diablo with my wife and daughter to see the spring wildflowers and enjoy the day up there ... We did just that and I got some great pictures up there today which I will be posting in anther story shortly ... This post however contains a short video clip of a really cool encounter that I had on the way back down the mountain today with a Coyote ... He was not but six feet away from me at one point and he didn't seem too leery of me at all ...
I watched him hunting rodents or something in the field there ... He was pouncing on them with his front paws held  together trying to grab them ... What a beautiful animal the Coyote is and how very cool to have seen one like this today ... I  have some more pictures of this critter that I will be putting in my next story along with some other interesting critters that I filmed along the trail as well ...Enjoy !

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