Friday, June 18, 2010


One day, while hiking in the woods behind my house, I came across a small lake.  This lake was the most beautiful lake I had ever seen.  The sun was beginning to set so the reflection on the lake was an almost lavender color.  The fish were beginning to jump and there were sparkles all over the water.  It was magical.
I started to hike around this beautiful lake.  I had never been this far into the woods and didn't even know this place existed.  As I made my way around, jumping from one slippery rock to another, the sounds of wildlife were getting louder by the minute.  It was so loud and musical.  I had never heard anything like it before.  The further I went, everything started to look different.  The trees were unreal.  Their trunks were so thick and their leaves were like large pelts of velvet.  The squirrels were the size of dogs and the birds were like raptors silently making their way through this magical forest.
I had finally reached the other side of the lake.  A large salmon peaked his head out of the water and told me to beware of the beasts that protect this enchanted forest, for they do not take kindly to strangers.  Especially a creature like me.

.  I couldn't believe what was happening.  Was I dreaming?  Fish don't talk!
I started further into the forest.  I walked what must have been miles.  I began to feel like I was being followed.  The footsteps behind me were getting closer and it seemed like there were several.  All of the sudden a creature jumped right in front of me stopping me in my tracks.  This creature looked like a cross between a monkey and an armadillo.  I had never seen anything like this before.
  "Stop! Do not go any further!  The beasts of this forest will have you for dinner!" said the creature.  I was surrounded by several of these creatures.  The one in front of me must have been their leader.  I explained to him that I am lost and could not find my way home and that I found this beautiful lake and decided to explore the forest behind it.  It was getting dark and I had no idea where I was at. "Turn around and go back the way you came!  The beasts will eat you and they will kill my family if they find out I had anything to do with you!" said the creature.  I told him I was Smokey of Smokey's Mountain and I have to get home before my family has the ranger out looking for me.
After explaining my whole situation to this creature, he soon told me his name was Crock and he was an Arterian and that I was no longer on Smokey's Mountain and am now in the middle of Arteria. "There are no rangers here!"  I don't know how I got so lost.  I told Crock about my family back home and how I miss them very much.  I asked him to help me get home.  "Well, what's in it for us to risk helping you?" he asked.  Well, I didn't have any money, however, I remembered I brought a bag of Hershey's Kisses with me in case I needed some energy.

When I showed him these little pieces wrapped in silver foil, him and the other Arterians were amazed.  They had never seen anything like this before.  I started to unwrap one of these delicious kisses and told Crock to eat it.  Well, he hesitated but did eat the chocolate.  His eyes lit up and the hairs on his body stood straight up.  "I have never tasted anything so brilliant before!" he said.  He then started to say something in Arterian to the others and they began to ooh and aww!
"Okay, I am willing to help you out Smokey, but you must give me all of the shiny delicious treats that you have and come back and bring us more."  I told him that I definitely would.
All of the sudden, there was a loud growl in the bushes.  It was one of the beasts.  The others ran off and soon it was just Crock and I left when the beast jumped out the bushes.  "You are not allowed here in MY forest!!" exclaimed the beast.  He was large like a bear but his face was almost human.
.He stood about 8 feet tall and smelled horrible.  I told him we were just leaving and would he please spare us.  The beast then swung his hand and knocked Crock down.  Crock was hurt.  I had to help him.  It was my fault that he was caught by this beast.  "Now you will die creature!" the beast roared.  He swung at me to knock me down, but as luck would have it, I still had the pepper spray I bought at Orchard Supply the week before.  I closed my eyes and reached up and sprayed my pepper spray, hoping for a miracle.  It worked!
The beast fell down and I threw Crock over my shoulder and ran into the forest.  We found his people and they were very grateful.  I was ready to go home.
"Okay now." Crock said.  "You may go home now, but please know that you will always be a friend to the Arterian people."  I thanked them for all of their help.  "Okay, close your eyes and count to 10 and you will be home."  I counted 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 crack!!!  I felt such pain on my head, but when I opened my eyes I was at home in bed.  My dog was asleep on the foot of my bed and everything was in its place.  It was just a dream but everything felt so real.  I will never forget my hike in Arteria.                 Written by; Mrs.Smokey

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