Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fruit Is Falling !

I would just like to remind all of us here in the Diablo Valley that there are many families with children right here in our community who simply cant afford fresh fruit and veggies and they rely on the food banks to get by from week to week !  Look I know that most of us here that are on a computer reading and writing blogs do not have this problem ... But maybe some of us here still don't know how easy it is to help... This is the time of year when much fruit just falls to the ground unused and rotting ... My good friend Anna Chan " The Lemon Lady" brought this to my attention by her own idea which is the one that I present to you now ... Do you have Apricots,Plums ,cherries or any other fruits and veggies this year that are more than you will use ? If so Contact  The Lemmon Lady by clicking Here...

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