Monday, July 12, 2010

Vacation Much ?

    Up there in those mountains is the cure ! The cure for the Summertime blues ... So if you are struggling with finances this season like I am , then it is important to remind yourself  that you are definitely not alone in that and that the mountains if even for just a day can be some serious medicine for your soul ... Get yourself out there , you wont be sorry !   

 This year is a really tight one financially for me and my family... If we do get to go on any  vacation this Summer it wont be until it is almost over at the end of August ... But we will enjoy it when we do ! Usually we get a cabin for a week or so up in the mountains but this year we will be fortunate to go up for a weekend if we go at all ... Earlier this year I was blessed with some Winter vacation time unexpectedly that we enjoyed very much...
However there is something about the Summertime that makes that Wintertime get away seem like it was  years ago ... Not sure if it is the kids being on vacation or the warm-hot weather or maybe it is all those past reminiscent memories of some of the best days ever of your life being Summer days ... I am sure it is all of those things , but what ever the reasons , for me  the Summertime blues can only be cured in these mountains shown below here ...
All this and more can be found in Sierra City Ca.     Summer is here! The mountains are there ! Isn't it time the two of you got together ? Sure , It is a fact money is short , but life is short too ... Enjoy it !

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