Thursday, August 5, 2010

Backyard Chickens ?

Last Easter I decided to put four chickens in my backyard ... I went over to Rhodies Feed Store out in Clayton on marsh creek road  and bought some chicks ... Two of them were Leghorns which are the little cute yellow chicks that grow up to be the  white chickens ...
The other two little chicks were the Rhode Island Reds which are a cinnamon/brown color with black tail feathers  and are also a much larger bird than the Leghorns...
They are said to start laying me an egg each every day at about six months old ... Well , that is about four weeks from now and I am looking forward to having me some fresh eggs soon ... One of my Leghorns however was killed about a month ago after she "flew the coop" when we were gone one evening and my little Fox Terrier along with his big bird dog  Black Lab brother   made short work of her ... Sooo , After that accident I have their area secured much better and so far so good ...Click on the chicken coop picture
 for some great ideas ...  I have never had chickens before and as of yet  they are not much trouble ... I guess I will know if it was all worth it or not   after  I start enjoying omelets made from  freshly laid eggs ... For more information about Backyard Chickens click HERE

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