Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Dreaded Pot Worm

If you are like me then you are having a tough time leaving those big bad budlys in the ground much longer ... Each day the buds seem to be bigger and better , stinkier and stickier ... I just love this time of year ... I am talking about the October harvest season of course ... However if you do have big stinky buds growing right now then you also should be aware of the dreaded Pot Worm or Caterpillar ... This little bugger can ruin a whole seasons worth of effort ! It is laid by moths and when mature it will eat your buds from the inside out !  A tell tale sign of a worm infestation is that the tops of the buds that they have been eating will die ... This means that the worm or worms are still inside the bud eating it ... At this point you can pull off the effected area and find the worms inside before it is too late ... Here is a shot of a worm eaten bud ... And here is another shot of a perfectly healthy bud ...So , good luck this year and  Happy Harvesting all....

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