Thursday, January 6, 2011

Back To The Castle

 Last year My wife and i enjoyed a hike through Pine Canyon along the Little Yosemite trail quite a few times ...  The one hike in particular that stands out last season for me on this trail was the time she and I got way out on this trail on a very blustery day and actually got a ride back to our vehicle by the ranger on a very cool 4wd electric Polaris !  ... We headed out on the trail in just a light mist carrying our plastic ponchos with us and a light lunch  ...It was just beautiful to see this part of the Diablo Foothills trails so green and lush during a late February winters storm ... The skies were very grey and it was about 1:30 in the afternoon ...I remember that the wind was howling above us through the very tall trees many of which are very large very old oaks ... Along with the pines that whistled through the valley  as we hiked under their canopy along the now swollen Pine Creek ...About half way down the trail you begin to see some beautiful views of the tall rocky peaks standing tall above the trees ... Some of them shoot straight up from the valley floor giving the illusion that they are much more giant than they are ... That is why this trail is called The Little Yosemite Trail ... Correctly named for it's small scale  likeness ... At this point along the trail however , the rain did pick up quite a bit and we both put on our ponchos ... It was so beautiful out though that we kept on going along the trail finally ending up at the Mt.Diablo State park entrance way out on the East Bay Parks borders ... That is when we had a Ranger who had passed us earlier on the trail in his off road vehicle stop on his way back in and offer us a ride  which we gracious;y excepted ... And as I said before , he gave us a ride all the way back to our vehicle out in the parking lot which was very far from the state parks border ... We enjoyed this winters stormy hike so much that we allowed it to inspire us to go ahead and head on up to strawberry that weekend for some serious family Snow Days ! Which you can clik HERE to see as well ...

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