Tuesday, January 4, 2011

From The Summit

Ok Folks , Here we go ! Our first entry of the new year ......For those of you that have never been to the top of Mt. Diablo here are some shots that attempt to show you  the vast views  you can expect to see from the top... As you can see from this shot here , you don't really even need to get out of the car to enjoy the views though I really recommend that you do ...It has been said that More territory can be seen in a 360 degree radius from only one other peak on the planet ... Making Mt.Diablo
the second most far-seeing view of any peak in the world, beaten to first place by no less an adversary than Mount Kilimanjaro. The state park that surrounds the peak seems much more remote than it is, and while the hiking trails are amazing, biking adds a whole different spin..However one of my favorite things about climbing to the summit of Mt.Diablo are the incredible distances and vistas that you can see the sun setting in ... 

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